Mercedes audio 20 upgrade

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Mercedes audio 20 upgrade

In Car Entertainment. You can also D. With my humble pass working experience at MB's official dealer, I'm pleased and confident of providing Comand retrofit service in person or offer a D. The post coding not recommended to be done by the user, as it's quite risky if you have no knowledge about how to operation MB DAS software but the Comand head unit shipped will be pre-coded to fit your ride. Thus, I can arrange coding on monthly basis.

I'm compiling a D. The D. A5: No, we'll prepare and supply the retrofit cable inside the D. A6: We'll get your VIN number to check your's car configuration shipped ex. Used parts don't need to be initialized by SCN Coding. Q Can you code my Instrument Cluster to display the navigation instruction and street name at the speed dial?

A No, no one can change your VeDoc data in Singapore despite what kind of coding they claimed they can except the dealer. Or one might take the risk of their DAS leasing contract being suspended by Mercedes, bascially no leasing DAS officially and legally allowed by Mercedes to be operated by third party in Asian countries. A You can choose Paypal to settle the payment and Paypal will provide dispute attribute service as long as I do not ship out the goods or the goods condition doesn't fit what we have claimed.

A Yes, we offer 14 days Money Back guarantee for any reasons but the buyer has to be responsible for the freight charges and so on if the cause of the goods return not raised from us.

A That's really the core part of D. If it's been done by any installer, probably you may or may not. However, you can reverse it anytime you like without any additional charges if the installation done by yourself.

Before I can find someone qualified to operate MB DAS programming, I will come to Singapore on monthly basis for coding your instrument cluster to display the navigation information. Thus, the Comand has been pre-coded and configured with your ride and it works except IC show no navigation info before coding done.

Thanks for the humble replies. Before you starts a group buy here, are u willingly come over to Singapore to install just a set or requires 5 set or more? To be very honest, Comand is not a complicated stuff compared against other parts inside car. Software setting basically no need to change anything inside the Engineering Mode as it's been pre-configured according to your ride configuration found from VIN.

If problem found, email and telephone support basically can easily overcome the problem. When hardware problem found, dealer also would not open your Comand and repair the electronic stuff inside, as the user will know how to uninstall the Comand head unit never found any problem on the display and we're offering 1 to 1 swapping within 1 year on the condition that the warranty label on the Comand not broken and simply the user can swap the original Audio 20 as a spare until the another head unit shipped as an interim measure.

Thus, you have to wait even your Comand fitted by dealer if no parts available while if your ride still can run, the dealer would not offer a spare ride for you in such kind of circumstance. Of course is no big deal if u knows yr stuffs inside out. Btw you have not answer my last question do you needs 5 sets before you can fly down??

I have asked this question on other threads again u didn't reply me, is there any particular reason? Bros Blackmercs, regret that I haven't answered your questions straightly but the main point now on this thread is D.

mercedes audio 20 upgrade

If you're not able to fit above conditions, full installation will be more suitable for you. If you can do above mentioned without too much troubles, you can uninstall the Comand head unit and ship it back to us to swap another one if problem there. Software configuration will be assisted via email and phone support.

Simply you take a photo of the problem happen and we will advise the solution on software side. Only 1 unit reported problem only the fuse broken till now. How many set I will come to SG for the installation will not be important soon.

If a local store to help you for the installation and arrange the remote coding together at their store, probably it's better than waiting for my visit. However, something has to be resolved before further proceed ahead. When U mentioned the Command units are "refurbished".Log in or Sign up.

Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Today I'm on the first step of a journey. C Coupe Petrol Kompressor. I have identified via Google images that my radio is an Audio It does not have a CD autochanger, it does not have bluetooth and I have no mobile phone handset fitted. At some stage I will have to remove the existing radio.

I think I understand that there might be generation 1 and 2 versions? I think I understand that mine probably doesn't have fiber optic. Initial searches have proved a bit confusing to say the least. Where do I start please? Thank in anticipation NicholasBApr 13, You want to upgrade the unit so what difference does it make as to what the existing unit is?

If you need to know pull the radio out and check the part number. If your unit has no bluetooth it is the older NTG2 Audio They used an external cd changer. The newer NTG2. There is no external changer for these units Removal guide on www. Last edited by a moderator: Apr 13, If you are not wanting to change the headunit you can add or a cd change, ipod kit, or mCar interface. Thanks npuk I'll take at look at those pages and report back. I suppose the basic question I'm asking is Is there a compatibility list?

GWL is a Denison gateway part number, it is just telling you what model you need for your Audio Compatibility list for what? If all you want to do is add a cd changer, ipod interface or mcar then you you can do this is if you have the older NTG2 Audio 20 unit pictured in my post before. Just buy the kit that says it is for NTG2. So all you need to do is ensure the unit you buy has a W part number.

The unit only comes in two models, with single cd or with built in 6 disc changer. The NTG2. A NTG2. Excellent npuk now I'm getting it.If you are not from the Abbotsford area we are unable to assist you with this product.

We are not setup for internet sales or support. I would advise you to contact a quality car stereo retailer in your area and they can assist you with your Mercedes. Thank you. All without the added expense of changing amplifiers and speakers!

We can even add a backup camera to your Mercedes Benz. T network.

mercedes audio 20 upgrade

With our module, the replacement cost is drastically reduced. This provides the vehicle owner updated features such as Apple Car Play, Android Auto, updated Bluetooth with dual phone support and more. The interface works on the M. Typically if you were to remove a factory Mercedes radio to add an aftermarket radio you would also need to replace the speakers and amplifier.

This creates a more expensive install. Specifically, how tightly will your rig integrate the Parrot Asteriod Smart with my W Vito, including steering wheel controls, build-in telephone mics, etc. Hi Sam, Unfortunately the Vito uses a different protocol, so the interface will not work with that at the moment. I want Pioneer Avic installed would this module work on it. Hi Robin, The GL is not supported. To replace the radio you would need to replace the stock amplifier as well.

I have a E so your product will work in my car. The problem is that I am in the US. Must the work be done in Canada? Perhaps you ship the unit and a mechanic could install it? Hi Joan. I can see if I know someone close to you that can assist you.

What is oci govt reference number

Please send us your city, state and zip code use our contact form to keep your information private. How much is this part? Do you offer it to other installers? Hi Shawn, we can now do most ML vehicles. Please come see us at Clearbrook Rd in Abbotsford with yours so we can go over the options with you. Hello Tony. I own a SL without the factory option Motorola cradle. Car I get you to install a Bluetooth unit and how much will it cost?

We would have to take a look at your car first and then we can give you a quote inshore so come on down when your free. We would have to take a look at why its not working a go from there but yes we can definitely find a solution for you. And it come with Bluetooth for my cell phone but not for my music. Car has no aux connection either, all it has is behind the seat a 6 pack CD player.Sales Germany.

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Mercedes-Benz COMAND Radio Replacement – Command Upgrades

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Learn More. Hi i was looking to update my radio on my e merc i have an audio 20 radio with 6 cd changer i think its a MF or MF I'm looking to get a sat nav and keep my 6 cs changer.

I have my phone connected via A bluetooth HFP adapter and can use the steering wheel controls for same. I would like an OEM not a chinese android if possible.

Upgrading The W205 Burmester Audio

I've attached pics any ideas would be appreciated!! ShaunpatrickMay 21, Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Shaunpatrick likes this. I found a link with some info about upgrading audio to sat nav looks like it could be a big job as the wiring and amps and nav sytem need to be added see link below www.

GLKMay 22, Alfie and Shaunpatrick like this. ShaunpatrickMay 22, GLK likes this. You mean like this? Shaunpatrick and GLK like this. AnthonyUKMay 22, Thanks think. I havent done the research, but heard them mentioned.Looking for the Burmester audio mod? As is, the A20 leaves a lot to be desired.

It sounds thin, overly bright and harsh, and sorely lacks a low end. A DSP Digital Signal Processor digitizes the audio signal so it can be manipulated for equalization, time correction, level and band pass filtering. Speaker upgrades, especially for the front doors, is also recommended, but the DSP amp is an important first step. They are connected to the head unit HU in further text through what is commonly known as a BMW pin connector. The connector going into the Audio 20 head unit.

The connector is the same as in the W C class so the cables and adaptors made for the W should work on the W The yellow part of the connector essentially an ISO integrated into the pin houses the speaker connections. There are five pairs of wires going out of the ISO part.

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The four door speakers are connected as in any other four-channel configuration. The subwoofer if we can call a 6. Standard ISO connector. The following needs to be purchased:. According to the manufacturer the harness adaptor cable does not work on the W but I installed it without any problems.

Everything works and all the stock functions have been preserved. Accessing the HU is not difficult.

mercedes audio 20 upgrade

The entire center console can be removed as one piece. The procedure can be seen in this video:. I would recommend taping up all of the edges with protective tape before removing the console, as I managed to scratch the leather on the lid of the central compartment.

Upgrade my Audio 20 radio to Sat Nav

The first part to be removed shiny piece with the button for opening the compartment is the most difficult. I advise patience and a wide blunt tool. The first step after removing the HU from its supports is disconnecting the stock harness and connecting the PP-AC 13a. As I was testing it and did not know what to expect I connected its ISO male and female connectors and used it for a while as, basically, an extension cable.

Tip: the Audio20 system does not work until you reconnect the center console goes into protect mode after several seconds. If you decide to connect all the components straight away, the next step is to connect the PP ISO to the PP-AC 13a by connecting the appropriate male to female ISO connectors only one way to connect — no mistakes possible.

I secured these two to the plastic cover under the glove compartment — easy to access and not in the way. The woofer is connected to the HU by a 5 th pair of wires connected bridged to the stock harness ISO part explained above — violet wires. In order to connect the woofer to the new amp you will need to cut these wires and install a simple round connector on each of them male type — on the side going towards the subwoofer.It is controlled completely from a rotary controller and an optional touchpad cars with COMAND always have the touchpad.

Note that NTG5. Note that this is a double height system as opposed to the smaller Melco system. You can see the labels for the connectors. There are labels for misisng connectors which are for units with different functionality such as rear entertainment system. All NTG5 systems have a very long anti-theft code that must be entered using Xentry Diagnosis the factory Diagnosis system when a unit is put in a vehicle with a different.

Mercedes state that the warranty is void if you do not purchase the licence package - I assume this just applies to the Audio system. Basic Audio NTG5. Please select country!! Pictures More pictures to be added Click on a picture for a larger version. Please see NTG5. You can see the labels for each connector. Option Codes These are the option codes for the various systems.

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mercedes audio 20 upgrade

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